Welcome Aboard!


My name is Mark Fitchew and I’m a Bus Driver at National Express West Midlands Perry Barr Garage. I’ve been interested in buses all my life, with secondary interests in the Railways and Tramways. When I’ve got free time, I find there’s nothing more relaxing than to take a trip around our various Bus, Rail and tram networks, something that I have been doing since the early eighties!

For the past four years, I have written a blog called “Buses For Fun”, which some of you maybe followers of! With the media capacity of that site now being at full capacity, I’ve decided to re-launch my blogs as “Tram, Train & Buscapades” To quote London Routemaster engineer Colin Curtis, I believe in evolution rather than revolution, so there will be little change to the style and content of the blogs, which will continue to feature details of my journeys, linked with historical information about routes and operations when I know them! In addition, certain subjects close to my heart will be described in various historical blogs.

For those interested in exploring the “Buses For Fun” catalogue, these can still be found on WordPress and I will continue to share these periodically on my Facebook & Twitter accounts.

But for now, join me as we began to take some “Tram, Train & Buscapades!”

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